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Digital Marketer
Scuba Diving Instructor

Erik Willis Garstka

On an endless journey to create experiences that inspire others. Always motived by design that's honest, aesthetic and natural. Some would call it a dream — I call it a plan.


  • 5 years


  • Nike

  • Heineken

  • Airbnb

  • Uber


  • hello@erikgarstka.info

From profession to passion

About me

Journeying from a professional realm into the depths of passion, my story intertwines the precision of digital marketing with the boundless spirit of exploration and the heart of diving. Each facet reveals a different shade of my world.I can help you with specific parts of your projects or I can show you how it’s done from the beginning till the end.


Digital Marketing Specialist

Merging analytical insight with creative flair, I shape compelling digital landscapes.


Travel Enthusiast

Adventures across continents fuel my creativity and broaden my perspective.


Dive Instructor

Teaching the art of diving, I guide enthusiasts to underwater marvels.

Visions transformed

Featured projects

Discover a world where imagination and reality converge. These latest projects are more than just websites; they are vibrant creations crafted from innovation and creativity. Each represents a journey, an exploration of possibilities where design and technology dance in harmony, creating experiences that resonate beyond the ordinary.